6 Questions with Tony Bickerstaff, ex CFO of Costain Group plc


Chris Drake

Chris Drake is joined by Tony Bickerstaff (former CFO at Costain) to discuss the importance of investing in people.  Tony served as CFO at Costain from 2006-2020 during which time the Group underwent a significant transformation and achieved consistent profit growth.  The Group’s approach to its people was at the very heart of this success.


During this session we discuss the following:

  • Why is investment in people so important for a business and for the CFO?
  • How has that investment had to change during the pandemic & will those changes be permanent?
  • What are the potential repercussions for organisations that get this wrong?
  • How have you personally motivated your team over the last few years?
  • You led Mental Health & Wellbeing at Costain, why as CFO did you take on that additional role?
  • What role can charities like the Prince’s Trust play in the people agenda?


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