6 Questions with Matt Donaldson, CFO at Cubico Sustainable Investments


Chris Drake

Chris Drake is joined by Matt Donaldson, the recently appointed CFO at Cubico Sustainable Investments, to discuss the CFO’s role in achieving global net zero in the Energy transition.  Matt joined from ENGIE where he had a stellar career, which, included a variety of CFO and Senior Finance roles across the Group in the UK, Australia and at Group HQ in France.


We explored the following:

  • Given your background in more traditional forms of energy why did you decide to move into the renewables sector and join Cubico Sustainable Investments?
  • What are the key considerations that the CFO should factor into the strategy/business planning process?
  • Within a global context how do you ensure that the right capital allocation decisions are made whilst ensuring speed and urgency?
  • To reach the net zero target what financing is available and recommended?
  • What metrics should be measured to track performance and progress?
  • How can company culture increase success in this area?

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