6 Questions with Asif Ghafoor, Co-Founder/CEO @ Iduna & CEO @ Be.EV


Chris Drake

Chris Drake is joined by Asif Ghafoor Co-Founder/CEO at Iduna and CEO @ Be.EV (Greater Manchester’s largest EV charging network) to discuss Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Charging and his new venture Be.EV.  Asif previously spent almost 14 years at Amey where he was Managing Director of the Investments Division and a Member of the Executive Committee.


In this session we explore:

  • Why did you decide to branch out with Iduna and EV charging infrastructure?
  • On a national level what challenges do we face to ensure that the network will be fit for purpose?
  • How much disparity is there on a regional basis throughout the UK?
  • How does Be.EV’s strategy differ from other operators?
  • What is your vision for EV charging in the North-West?
  • How do you see battery technology and EV usage developing over the next 10 years?



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